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How To Stage Your Home When You Have Pets
Posted on Sat, 30 Jun 2018, 02:25:00 PM  in Marketing strategies
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How To Stage Your Home When You Have Pets

How To Stage Your Home When You Have Pets

It is important to stage your home when putting it on the market. However, this is difficult when you have pets in your home. There are some buyers who do not mind pets, but other buyers may not be fond of pets in the house. The following tips can help you stage your home with pets.


Vacuum The Floors Daily

It is no secret that pets shed a lot, and you do not want your buyers to see pet hair around the house. This is why you want to vacuum the floors every day. Do not forget to vacuum the hair in the corners and near the baseboards. Shedding creates a negative experience for buyers who are allergic to pet hair.


Clean Out The Vents

You also need to remove the pet hair from your vents. It becomes trapped inside the vent and on the grating. Start by wiping down the vents, and then replace the vents with new ones. You can actually find vents designed to withstand pet hair.


Eliminate Pet Odours

You may be used to the smell of your home when you own pets, but your buyers can smell traces of your pet as soon as they walk through the door. Neutralizing the scent is essential to selling your home. Air out your home by opening your windows every day. You should also give it a deep cleaning, or you can hire a professional cleaner to take care of it.


Get Rid of Damaged Furniture

Stained or chewed furniture is not going to make a good impression on your buyers. You can try to clean or repair your furniture before the showing. If there is too much damage, replace your old furniture with new pieces. Putting your current home on the market is a great time to purchase furniture for your next home.


Hide The Pet Items

Stash their food, bowls, toys, litter boxes and other items during the showing. Start by placing the items in a storage bin, and then place the bin inside a cabinet or closet. You may even be able to hide the items outside the house for a few hours. If you are worried about upsetting your pets, you can always put the items back after the showing.


Clean Up The Yard

Your buyers are going to check out the yard, so you want to make sure it is free of pet toys. Clean up after your pets do their business, and take care of the flower beds they may have damaged. You want to create a clear, clean area for your buyers to walk through.


Pack Away Other Signs of Pets

Depersonalising your home is part of the staging process, and this means packing away photos of your pets. You should also pack away mugs, decals or prints that show you are a pet owner. Your buyers may be turned off at the smallest hint of a pet living in your home.


Make Arrangements For Your Pets

If possible, make other arrangements for your pets during the showing. You can ask your friend to keep your cat at their house for a few hours, or you may hold the open house when you take your dog for a walk. If you cannot remove your pets from the house, invest in a comfortable cage or close off a room for them. You should also let your REALTORŪ know that your pets will be home during the showing.


You can also ask your REALTORŪ for tips for staging your home with pets. You want to create a home that appeals to all potential buyers.

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Pet Friendly Apartment
Posted on Sat, 30 Apr 2016, 02:40:00 PM  in Home buying tips,  Marketing strategies,  My services
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Finding an apartment that is pet-friendly can be difficult, especially if it is your first time moving into a new area. You might not know where to turn to get started with the search, which can result in a lengthy wait on when you can actually enjoy your rental property. Fortunately, it does not need to be difficult. With a little bit of patience and research, it can be easy for anybody to plan ahead and find a property that allows pets.

Always begin by using the resources available to you. This means contacting your local humane society or general animal care and control group to find out if there are any local apartments that allow pets. When contacted locally, these organizations can help you stay on top of updates and other things that can make a massive change in the way you look over your options. In addition to pet-petcentric organizations, it is a good idea to consult with real estate agents and other experts in the industry to determine if there are any local communities that can assist you. Many real estate agents who own pets themselves can help you in your search. 

If you are not having luck finding an apartment community that can assist you, it never hurts to try to explain your situation to the property manager in the hopes that they could make an exception. While many communities do not always approve of every request, if you make a compelling case, chances are that you could be allowed to rent the property and keep your pet. Even if not all pets are allowed, you could take a look at the fine-print to determine whether or not your pet is allowed. Many places make exceptions for cats and small dogs if the owners are responsible.

One of the most important things for you to do when you are making a case is to prove that you are responsible. Bring as much documentation as you can to try and convince the property manager that you are capable of taking full responsibility for your pet. Ideally, you want to show them that pet damage is a non-issue, but if you can prove that you have experience taking care of pet damage, you can help put the manager's worries at ease. Some important things to bring with you include general reference letters from other property owners, as well as written certifications for training classes if your dog graduated from one. 

Be sure to explain to the manager that you share their concern for cleanliness. Emphasize that you have had positive experiences with other managers in the past and that you always take full responsibility for your apartment's state of affairs, including making sure that your pet has a place to us the bathroom. Be sure to promote yourself as well as you can. Explain that you are a responsible pet owner and that you would make an excellent resident because of your experience. Do not be afraid to promote your pet either, especially if it has completed classes and has the certification.

If all else fails, be sure to mention that you are willing to put down a deposit if the manager needs one. Many apartment managers ask for a pet deposit anyway, but some can be swayed if you show them that you are serious about moving in with your pet. If the apartment manager still tells you no, the most important thing for you to do is avoid lying. Do not try to sneak your pet in, as this could leave you vulnerable to a variety of liability issues.

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