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If You Want to Sell Your Home, You Need to Up its Resale Value
Posted on Thu, 31 May 2018, 02:10:00 PM  in Home selling tips
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If You Want to Sell Your Home, You Need to Up its Resale Value

If You Want to Sell Your Home, You Need to Up its Resale Value


How much do you know about your home's present value? It's one thing to ask for the services of a property appraiser in its current condition. But what if the answer they come up with is far less than the one you were expecting to hear? This type of outcome is more common than you may think, especially if you haven't really been keeping up with the latest developments on the real estate market.

You can do one of two things at this point. You can take the result lying down and sell your home for far less than you expected to. Or you can take it as a challenge to find some new ways of upping your resale value. If you're a self-motivated individual, the choice you should make is obvious.


Fixing Up Your Kitchen and Bathroom is the Best Place to Start

One of the best ways to guarantee the sale of your home for a profit is to do a few timely renovations. You may as well begin in the most obvious places. Your kitchen and bathroom fixtures may be wearing out after many years of use. Why not replace them with some new, more efficient ones?

While you're at, how long has it been since you painted or wallpapered these areas? Your kitchen and bathroom are among the first places that a potential buyer will want to see. Giving these areas a new wallpaper print or a fresh coat of paint is a great way to increase their attractiveness.


Add an Elevated Deck to Give Potential Buyers an Exclusive View

What is the view like from your second story window? Does your home look down on a scenic area, such as a mountain range, canyon, or lake? If so, you have an excellent reason to engage in a bit of building. Adding an elevated deck to your home is a great way to make a radical increase in its resale value.

You may wish to consider hiring a local contractor to add a deck to your property. Once you do, you will be able to impress a potential home buyer with the prospect of a commanding view of the area. If no other homes in your neighborhood have such a deck, it's an added attraction that will enable you to set your own price.


Rake Your Lawn, Repave Your Payment, and Clean Your Gutters

Some things are simple common sense items. You need to make sure the outside of your home is as attractive and inviting as the inside. You need to mow and rake the lawn, clean out your gutters, and make sure all of your concrete paving is in good order.


Call on the Services of an Expert in the Real Estate Field

When you have completed all of these essential tasks, you will be ready to sell your home. This is the time to call upon the aid and counsel of an expert in the field. The real estate pro that you bring in will know how to properly stage and present your home to a host of potential buyers.


The main thing you can do to get your home sold as quickly and profitably as possible is to follow their advice to the letter. Once you have done so, you can look forward to a new life of luxury in your next home. There is no time like the present for you to get started on fulfilling your dream of selling your present home for a tidy profit.

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Five Ways to Make Your Kitchen Sing During an Open House
Posted on Wed, 31 Jan 2018, 12:15:00 PM  in Home buying tips,  Home selling tips
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You only get one chance to make a great first impression, and while that's true in your professional life, it's also true when it comes to selling your home. Open houses are a great way to get prospective buyers through and to show them all the features of your old home that makes it perfect for them. Your real estate agent will work with you to find a date and time that works around your schedule. That agent might offer some helpful feedback on what you can do to your home too. You can use some simple tips to make your kitchen really shine and sing during an open house.


Put Away the Clutter

Five Ways to Make Your Kitchen Sing During an Open HouseNo one wants to see the clutter in your kitchen taking over the room. Clutter can include those recipes you want to try, the groceries that you keep forgetting to put away, the shoes and bags that your kids drop when they get home from school and even pots and pans that you leave sitting out on the cutter. Find a place for everything in your kitchen. If you don't have space for everything, put those items in boxes that you store in the garage or your car until the open house is over.


Organize the Cabinets

Peeking in the cabinet is something that many prospective buyers do. It's not necessarily that they want to see what you have, but they do want to see if your cabinets are large enough for their own things. You can take the easy way out and simply cut down on the things you store in those cabinets. Some sellers even start packing up the pots and other kitchen supplies that they use less often. You can also bring in some organizers to organize everything in your cabinets.


Use New Paint

A new coat of paint is one of the best ways to freshen up your kitchen and make it a focal point of any open house tour. You may not realize just how much debris builds up on the walls in the kitchen from the foods that you cook. Grease can splatter on the walls and cabinets, making those surfaces look significantly darker than those areas actually are. Choose a paint in a lighter and brighter shade that makes the kitchen feel more spacious to make buyers want to cook there.


Clean Everything

Your home can never be too clean for an open house, especially when it comes to your kitchen. In the days leading up to the tour, clean as much as possible. Don't put the dishes off until the next day or skip taking out the trash when the can fills up. Old food and trash can leave behind lingering odors that are almost impossible to ignore. Put away the dishes from the sink before the open house before wiping down the interior too. You'll want to clean the counters, sweep and mop or vacuum the floors and clean all other surfaces also.


Bake Cookies

One of the best scents in the world is the scent of vanilla and chocolate baking in the oven. When you bake up a batch of cookies right before the open house, that scent will linger in the air and make each buyer want to check out the kitchen. You can make the dough the night before and freeze it, but you can also use a dough that you bought from the store. When you clean, bake and use any of these others tips, you can make your kitchen more appealing to those buyers.

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Tips to Selling Your Home Quickly
Posted on Sat, 30 Sep 2017, 12:15:00 PM  in Home selling tips
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Most people want to sell their home quickly once they list it on the market to ensure that it maintains its value and doesn't lose its appeal. Although the quality and appeal of the setting influences how much attention it attracts, other factors determine how quickly you get an offer. If you want to find the right buyer in a short amount of time, there are a few important steps to take.


Price it Right

One of the most important steps to take is to price the home right to avoid turning off buyers. If it's priced too high, buyers will assume that you aren't willing to negotiate or that you're not serious about selling. Work with a real estate agent to evaluate the selling price of local homes that are similar to your own to determine sell your home quicklya realistic price. Leave extra room for negotiating to ensure that you get what you want for it.


Work on the Curb Appeal

Buyers aren't likely to visit homes that have an ugly exterior, making it necessary to make it look attractive to ensure that it stands out on the block and sets the expectations of those who pull up to the house. Add flower boxes on each window, which will make it look charming and inviting. Potted plants on the front porch will also add a cozy touch that is contemporary. Consider installing a fence, new address numbers, and a mailbox that looks updated. An arbor where vines can grow up will also look beautiful and will make the home stand out on the market.


Clean and Declutter

Your house should look like a model home when buyers walk in, which will allow them to envision living on the property without being reminded that you currently reside in the building. Clean and declutter the setting by removing religious items that are displayed on the walls or poster that are hung in a teen's room. Family photos should be tucked away, and art drawings that are posted on the fridge will need to be removed.


Consider hiring a deep cleaning service to wipe down the baseboards, scrub the grout, and clean the blades on ceiling fans to ensure that each area is covered.


Stage the House

Staging the home is necessary to show off how beautiful it can look with the right furniture pieces and decor used. Use neutral furniture and artwork on the walls and consider using furniture covers if the items are outdated or old. Use area rugs to dress up bare floors and stage empty rooms or closets. Consider putting fresh towels and linens out and place a plate of cookies on the dining table.


Upgrade the Home

Minor upgrades are needed to increase the appeal of the home, making it necessary to install new appliances and add hardware throughout the space. Paint the walls a neutral color shade and add new lighting in each room with the sconces and chandeliers that are installed. You can also install new sinks, faucets, and toilets to make the interior setting appear newer and more comfortable.


Use Quality Photos

One of the best ways to make your home stand out with the ad that you use is by using quality photos. Hire a professional photographer to take pictures of the property and edit the photos with software that they use. Allow plenty of natural light into the home and turn on interior lights to create an uplifting and bright setting that looks warm.

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Elevated Decking
Posted on Sun, 20 Aug 2017, 02:20:00 PM  in Home selling tips
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Add an Elevated Deck to Your Home to Increase Your Resale Value

Are you looking for a great way to add resale value to your home? If you live in the scenic West of Canada, you might consider adding an elevated deck to your property. This will give your prospective home buyer an added incentive to purchase your home. Who can resist the comfort and convenience that comes with having an elevated deck from which to view the majestic ocean view of the great Canadian Pacific coast? This is one feature that is sure to bring customers knocking on your door once they discover you have added it to your home. It's a perk that few others can match.


No Matter Where You Live in Canada, an Elevated Deck Is a Great Idea

Of course, not everyone lives on the West Coast of Canada. If you are a lifelong Toronto native, you can still get a great deal of value out of adding an elevated deck Elevated Deckingto your property. For a price that you can easily afford you can hire a local crew to add this important element to your property. Once installed, it will give excellent views of your property and the local scenery. No matter where you may live in Canada, you are sure to be able to attract potential home buyers to your property just by offering them this excellent additional feature for their comfort and convenience.


Adding an Elevated Deck to Your Property Is More Important Than Ever

There had been a massive surge of home development all throughout the nation. This surge has seen a great deal of new homes being built over the course of the past few years. As a result, property values have increased. To some degree, this has made the average home buyer a bit more wary and even discriminatory. They aren't going to settle for half of what they want since it's very likely that, if they keep searching, they will very likely be able to find exactly what they want in some other location. This means that your best bet is to give the buyer a little extra for their money.


You Don't Have to Break Your Bank to Add Value to Your Home

You may be worried that adding an elevated deck or any other new feature to your home may cost you more than it's worth. After all, there isn't much point in spending a ton of cash to increase your home value if the expenditure is more than the profit can guarantee. However, you should know that along with the increase in development has come a corresponding increase in home additions. There are tons of local contractors all throughout Canada who are competing to get your business. This means that now is the time to take advantage of competitive pricing in order to add value to your home.


The Time to Deck out Your Property with Extra Value Is Now

When all is said and done, there is no time like the present to deck out your home with an addition that will bring a welcome increase in its resale value. If you know how to deal with contractors, you can easily make an addition to your home and advertise it as a major selling point. It's an excellent idea to contact your local real estate agent for valuable advice and counsel in this matter. If you really want to walk away from your property with a sizable gain in your bank account, adding an elevated deck to your home will accomplish this purpose in spades.

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Changes to Make to Your Home’s Exterior
Posted on Mon, 10 Apr 2017, 12:50:00 PM  in Home selling tips
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The exterior of the home determines the style and condition of the property and how much it stands out in the neighborhood. Many people make the mistake of focusing too much on the interior of the building when it's time to sell the home When you want to enhance your home's curb appeal, there are a few necessary changes to make to the exterior of the house.

 Changes to Make to Your Home’s Exterior

Add Flowers

Potted plants and flowers will incorporate extra color into your yard and can allow it to look beautiful in each season of the year. Use native plants that are easy to maintain and can survive in different weather conditions. Place the flowers near the front door or on the steps that lead up to your doorway to create a welcoming appearance.

You'll also want to trim the trees, which can cause damage to the property. Overgrown tree branches can also welcome critters and insects to infest the building if they have access to the roof.


Install a Fence

A fence that is built will allow your home to look picturesque and contemporary. A fence also increases the level of privacy that is available and will work as a security measure. Choose a fence that complements the design of your home, which can include a white picket fence or a wrought iron fence.


Add a New Door

Your home's door is one of the main focal points of the property and can influence the style of the building. Consider adding a new door that has windows or a decorative design. If you want to save money, you can add a fresh coat of paint and choose a color that pops. Red, yellow, and black are standard colors to add to the door if you want an updated style. The shutters on the home can also match the front door for added charm.


Include a Water Feature

Water features will allow the yard to feel tranquil and serene when you spend time outside. You can add a pond near a garden that has colorful fish and enhances the quality of the landscape. A fountain is a decorative element that will attract birds and butterflies to the setting. The added detail of the feature will create a more attractive space that you can feel proud to show off.


Clean Out the Rain Gutters

The rain gutters should be cleaned out every few months to prevent water from becoming backed up onto the roof and causing damage. Remove twigs and leaves that have accumulated to ensure that the water flows off of the building and is redirected away from the property. You can also install guards on the gutters to prevent leaves from building up in the metal structure. Removing debris will also reduce the risk of termites from making their way to the building when they're looking for water.


Upgrade Your Mailbox

The mailbox is a minor detail of the home but is one of the first features that neighbors see when they pass by your property. Upgrade your mailbox and make sure that it follows the city's regulations once you add a new feature. Your home address numbers should be visible on the mailbox to ensure that your property is easy to find for visitors. You can also use a mailbox that includes a lock to prevent theft with the items that are delivered. Adding a new mailbox is an inexpensive addition that will increase the charm of our home and can make it easier to sell.

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Upgrades and Improvements to Make Before Selling a Home
Posted on Tue, 28 Feb 2017, 09:50:00 AM  in Home selling tips
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The value of the home determines how much of a profit you can make on the property once it sells. One of the main perks of owning a home is the ability to increase the value of the property with upgrades and improvements that are made. To get your home ready to sell, there are a few important changes to make to increase its value and make it more competitive on the market.

 Upgrades and Improvements to Make Before Selling a Home

Replacing the Roof

The roof is one of the most important features of residential properties because it influences the style of the house and protects the interior setting from environmental elements. The roof should be replaced when the shingles or tiles continue to fall off or if there are several leaks that are present. It's important to consider the lifespan of the roofing material that is installed to determine if it's time for the structure to be replaced. A new roof will reduce the risk of water damage and will protect the furniture and materials of the building when it rains or snows.


Purchase New Appliances

New appliances increase the functionality and aesthetics of the home with products that are sleek. Consider installing a new refrigerator or dishwasher, which will contribute to the style of the kitchen and can boost the property value of the home. It's also important to choose appliances that are quieter when they run or are more spacious with the storage that is available.


Energy-Efficient Materials

More homeowners are going green with their residential property to reduce the amount of money that they spend on energy each month. Install energy-efficient products and materials to reduce your carbon footprint and attract more buyers. You can install a metal or clay tile roof, which will prevent heat from penetrating through the building during the summer months. Energy-efficient appliances and skylights can also be used to limit the amount of electricity that is used. You can also install solar panels to rely on the sun's rays to provide energy on the property.


More Lighting

Homes that are well-lit and are illuminated inside of the building are more in demand because they appear uplifting to buyers. It's important to replace heavy blackout curtains with sheer shades that allow more light into the space. You can also install a skylight in dim rooms of the home to allow natural light in.


Increase the Curb Appeal

Your home's curb appeal will significantly influence how many people consider purchasing the property. You'll need to plant flowers in pots and place them on the porch or consider adding extra shrubs in the front yard. Make the porch feel inviting with a new door that is installed or by adding a swing. The yard can also feature a water fountain or a pond, which will add extra tranquility to the home and will work as one of the main focal points on the property.

Other upgrades can include repainting the exterior of the home, adding a new mailbox, and replacing old address numbers that are located near your front door.


Add a Patio

Patios increase the appeal of backyards and will allow them to become more functional for buyers who want to spend time outdoors during the spring and summer season. Add patio furniture to create a cozy place to lounge with a seating area where you can take in the views. The patio can also feature an outdoor dining table, making for an ideal location to entertain guests or eat outside when the weather permits.

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Top 4 Features that Every Buyer Looks For
Posted on Tue, 10 Jan 2017, 03:20:00 PM  in Home selling tips
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When it is time to sell your home, you may be reluctant to upgrade the property. Perhaps you have been in the home for a long time, and you love every feature it currently has. Another reason why you might hesitate on remodeling the property is due to unnecessary expenses. However, the costs and time that goes into upgrading a property prior to putting it on the market is very important; this could be the difference between multiple bids and no offers at all.

Here are some of the top features that every buyer looks for when searching for a home.

 Top 4 Features that Every Buyer Looks For

Exterior Lighting

A well-manicured yard can grab the attention of potential buyers before they step foot into your home. Exterior lighting is one of the top outdoor features that buyers want. The lighting not only looks great, but it can serve as a safety feature. For example, a majority of sensor lights turn on each time there is movement outside of the home.

Here are the top lighting features that you should consider adding to the exterior of your home:

  • Spotlights
  • Pendant Lights
  • Motion Lights
  • Walkway Lights


Energy Efficient Upgrades

Most buyers in today’s market are looking for ways to cut utility costs, which is why energy efficient appliances and windows are in high demand. Buyers want to live in a home full of smart, energy features that do not limit their comfort, or cost them a lot of money in the future. You should have energy-efficient windows installed in your home, complete with glass coating, sturdy weather stripping, and vacuum sealed spaces that are filled with inert gas between each pane. This gives your property an upgraded look, and it helps to regulate the home’s temperature by reducing its exposure to extreme heat or cold.

Be sure to add an energy-certified dishwasher to your home as well, in addition to stainless steal appliances and granite or quartz countertops.


Hardwood Floors

Years ago, people wanted homes with thick carpet throughout the property; however, hardwood floors are in high demand because they give the home a cleaner look. Hardwood floors are also easier to maintain, in comparison to carpeted floors, which typically need to be replaced every eight to 10 years. Hardwood floors only need to be refinished periodically; other than that, these types of floors can last for a lifetime.

If you are on a budget, consider installing pre-finished hardwood flooring. This floor is already colored and comes directly from the manufacturer. The cost to install pre-finished hardwood flooring is actually cheaper than the installation of unfinished hardwood.


Laundry Room

Most homeowners want a room, other than the bedroom, where they can stack clean clothes until they have the time to put the items away. Buyers of all ages, including millennials and seniors, want enough space in the laundry room to fold and iron their clothes, instead of going into the living room to handle these tasks. If you do not have an existing laundry room, or a room with plenty of space, you should add one. The best area of the home to add a laundry room in is the basement. You normally don’t need to demolish anything in the basement; the utility lines are there, and the upgrade will be easy and cost efficient.

Sellers will want to purchase a home that has modern features and necessary upgrades. To stay within budget, make sure you concentrate on the most popular features when upgrading your home. These are the features that will attract potential buyers and help you receive quality bids.

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How to Increase Your Home's Curb Appeal
Monday, 31 October 2016, 12:00:00 AM
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When you're getting ready to list your home, the curb appeal of the property will determine how many people are attracted to the residence. Although you may have a stunning interior setting, buyers will likely ignore your ad if your house is in poor condition and is an eyesore in the neighborhood. To increase your curb appeal in a few steps, there are several tips to follow to transform the building and even increase the property value.

Paint the Exterior

Many homes can begin to look outdated when the paint on the building has faded or looks outdated with the color shade that is used. Paint the exterior of your home with a fresh coat to ensure that it looks newer and blends in well with the rest of the neighborhood. Avoid using bold colors that can turn off potential buyers and stick to neutral shades that are contemporary and modern. You can even paint your front door with a pop of color to allow it to stand out and become the main focal point of the home. Consider using the same color on the front door and trim of the home.

How to Increase Your Homes Curb AppealAdd a Water Feature

Install a water feature on your property to create a serene and relaxing feature that adds extra dimension to the yard. A water fountain or a pond will attract birds and insects to the yard while also adding extra detail to the space. You can also add koi fish to a pond that is built to create a lively environment that feels lush and inviting to visitors.

Install a New Mailbox

The mailbox is an important feature that is one of the first details that are viewed by potential buyers who visit the home. Install a new mailbox that is durable and stands out from the street. Consider purchasing a box that has your address numbers on it and is easy to read. You can also build a mailbox post out of bricks to match the style of your building with a high-end feature that adds extra appeal to the yard and will last for several years. Avoid adding personalized details to the mailbox, which can include a unique drawing or your last name.

Add Flowers

You'll want your front yard to appear lush and well-maintained to ensure that it looks attractive. Add flowers for extra color that brightens up the setting. Consider grouping the plants by type and color to make it look organized. You can also use a mixture of flowers in potted plants that can be placed on the front porch to make the home look inviting.

Clean the Exterior

It's important to clean the exterior of your building to allow it to look brighter and newer. Power wash the driveway and sidewalk to clear away leaves, stains, or debris that have accumulated. You'll also want to scrub away oil that is present and consider bleaching the driveway to make it look flawless. It's also important to clean out the gutters and even power wash the siding of the building to remove grime or mud stains.

The windows should also be washed to remove streaks or spots that have accumulated from the rain or snow. This will ensure that there is plenty of visibility to the inside setting.

Clear Away Clutter

Toys, sporting equipment, and landscaping tools can all detract from the appeal of your home and make it appear messy from the outside. Clear away items that remind buyers that the homeowners are still living on the property.

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Real Estate Tips That Help Sell Your Home
Posted on Mon, 10 Oct 2016, 12:00:00 PM  in Home selling tips

Many sellers have a lot of clutter in their homes in the form of photographs, collections and other mementos. They simply do not realize that this can keep their house on the market longer. Today’s buyers are looking for homes that are simple and free from clutter. A space that is free from clutter makes a good impression on prospective buyers. Read the following tips for organizing your home.

How to Organize Your Clutter

The first step in organizing your home is to start with one room only. Choose drawers, shelves or any open space in the room. You will need to create three piles on the floor. The first pile is for items you want to keep. The second one is for broken or otherwise unwanted items. The third pile is for donating to your favorite charity. 

Move from room to room without stopping. Place items that you want to keep in plastic storage containers and label with contents. Remove any extra furnishings from the home, and store somewhere else besides your home. You can retrieve these items once you sell your home. Decluttering your home may take a long time. Set aside a few weekends until the entire house is finished. Do not forget about the exterior of your home. Clutter on the porch, driveway or backyard can make potential buyers uneasy. 

Real Estate Tips That Help Sell Your HomeHome Staging

Staging a home for sale simply means it is free from personal items and clutter. Many professional home staging consultants will rearrange furniture to make the most of the existing space. If you do not have time to declutter and stage your home, then you can hire a professional. Selling a home is all about making people want to live in your home. However, if there are personal effects, then your potential buyers cannot make a connection to your home. 

Many real estate professionals recommend you simmer something that smells good on the stove when you hold an open house event. Research studies indicate that the sense of smell is a powerful tool you can use to your advantage. You can simply simmer fresh cinnamon sticks on the stove. The aroma will fill your home with the smells of baking and form a good impression on your potential buyers. Home staging is also about making rooms look larger. If you decide to hire a professional home stager, expect to pay approximately $200 to $300 or more in some areas.

Real Estate Buying Tips 

Many real estate agents will tell you that location is number one on their client’s list for buying a home. The house in a good location that needs work is often a good buy. Buyers can repair and upgrade a distressed home if there are minor repairs needed. Once repairs are completed, the home should be worth approximately the same as surrounding homes. Not everyone wants to buy a home that needs work. Some potential buyers want to buy a home in good condition. 

First time homebuyers may get frustrated at the prices for homes in good neighborhoods. The solution would be to find a condominium in the neighborhood to purchase. A condominium in a good neighborhood will be worth more than condominiums in less desirable neighborhoods. The first step for buying a home is to understand how much you can afford to spend. 

Many potential buyers find out that they do not qualify for a home mortgage because the price is too high. Instead, get preapproved before searching for a new home and you may have an advantage over other buyers when the time comes to make an offer. 


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8 Easy Ways to Get Your Home Ready Fast
Posted on Fri, 30 Sep 2016, 02:05:00 PM  in Home selling tips
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8 Easy Ways to Get Your Home Ready FastYour real estate agent calls to say that she has a potential buyer who is very interested in looking at your home. The problem? The buyer wants to come right now. To make things worse, you just got home from work and your house looks like a tornado blew through it. Relax, here are 5 easy things that you can do right now to get your home ready in no time at all.

#1 Create Light

Buyers love homes that have lots of light. Dimly lit homes feel depressing, dirty and small. Therefore, let in the light. It takes just a few minutes to open the blinds or drapes and flood your home with light. Opening the windows also show off your lawn and flowers.

#2 Take out the Garbage

There is nothing more unappealing that garbage cans overflowing with garbage. Therefore, empty all trash cans, even if you keep them in a cabinet out of sight. Bad smells can really turn buyers off and many sellers do not notice smells as they become immune. For this reason, spray garbage cans down with Lysol after you empty them even if you do not think that they smell bad.

#3 Tidy up Bathrooms

No one wants to look at a dirty bathroom. Although you may not have time for a deep cleaning, spray all bathroom surfaces with a disinfecting spray cleaner and wipe down. Squirt your favorite scented toilet bowl cleaner in all toilets and use a toilet bowl brush to clean.

#4 Make the Beds

A neatly made bed will leave a good impression on buyers. Plus, it will make your bedrooms appear larger. Go through all of your bedrooms and make sure that each bed is tidy. While you are in the bedroom, stash clothing or other items laying on the floor in a box under the bed or in a closet.

#5 Clean Your Countertops

Your countertops will appear bigger and more organized when there are fewer things on them. Therefore, remove as many things as possible. Stow items in drawers and cabinets to give the illusion of a nice big kitchen. Wipe down all counter tops with a kitchen cleaner spray.

#6 Take Fido for a Walk

Although you may love Spot, potential buyers may not be dog people or cat people for that matter. Some buyers will not even step foot in the door if there is a pet in the home, especially if they are allergic. So, if possible, take Spot for a walk before buyers stop by. Clean up and eliminate as many signs of your pet as possible. Throw pet toys in a drawer. Stash away the litter box. Vacuum pet hairs from the floor and furniture. Keep a pet odor eliminator on hand for last-minute showings and spray the house.

#7 Don’t Forget About the Outside

In your rush to tidy up the inside of your home, do not forget about the exterior. Pick up any Trash laying on the ground and sweep the sidewalks. If you have garbage bins or other storage containers outside of your home, pull them inside the garage.

#8 Make Yourself Disappear

The final thing to do before the showing is to leave the house. The buyer will not feel comfortable asking the agent questions about your home with you lingering around.


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