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How To Stage Your Home When You Have Pets
Posted on Sat, 30 Jun 2018, 02:25:00 PM  in Marketing strategies
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How To Stage Your Home When You Have Pets

How To Stage Your Home When You Have Pets

It is important to stage your home when putting it on the market. However, this is difficult when you have pets in your home. There are some buyers who do not mind pets, but other buyers may not be fond of pets in the house. The following tips can help you stage your home with pets.


Vacuum The Floors Daily

It is no secret that pets shed a lot, and you do not want your buyers to see pet hair around the house. This is why you want to vacuum the floors every day. Do not forget to vacuum the hair in the corners and near the baseboards. Shedding creates a negative experience for buyers who are allergic to pet hair.


Clean Out The Vents

You also need to remove the pet hair from your vents. It becomes trapped inside the vent and on the grating. Start by wiping down the vents, and then replace the vents with new ones. You can actually find vents designed to withstand pet hair.


Eliminate Pet Odours

You may be used to the smell of your home when you own pets, but your buyers can smell traces of your pet as soon as they walk through the door. Neutralizing the scent is essential to selling your home. Air out your home by opening your windows every day. You should also give it a deep cleaning, or you can hire a professional cleaner to take care of it.


Get Rid of Damaged Furniture

Stained or chewed furniture is not going to make a good impression on your buyers. You can try to clean or repair your furniture before the showing. If there is too much damage, replace your old furniture with new pieces. Putting your current home on the market is a great time to purchase furniture for your next home.


Hide The Pet Items

Stash their food, bowls, toys, litter boxes and other items during the showing. Start by placing the items in a storage bin, and then place the bin inside a cabinet or closet. You may even be able to hide the items outside the house for a few hours. If you are worried about upsetting your pets, you can always put the items back after the showing.


Clean Up The Yard

Your buyers are going to check out the yard, so you want to make sure it is free of pet toys. Clean up after your pets do their business, and take care of the flower beds they may have damaged. You want to create a clear, clean area for your buyers to walk through.


Pack Away Other Signs of Pets

Depersonalising your home is part of the staging process, and this means packing away photos of your pets. You should also pack away mugs, decals or prints that show you are a pet owner. Your buyers may be turned off at the smallest hint of a pet living in your home.


Make Arrangements For Your Pets

If possible, make other arrangements for your pets during the showing. You can ask your friend to keep your cat at their house for a few hours, or you may hold the open house when you take your dog for a walk. If you cannot remove your pets from the house, invest in a comfortable cage or close off a room for them. You should also let your REALTORŪ know that your pets will be home during the showing.


You can also ask your REALTORŪ for tips for staging your home with pets. You want to create a home that appeals to all potential buyers.

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8 Easy Ways to Get Your Home Ready Fast
Posted on Fri, 30 Sep 2016, 02:05:00 PM  in Home selling tips
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8 Easy Ways to Get Your Home Ready FastYour real estate agent calls to say that she has a potential buyer who is very interested in looking at your home. The problem? The buyer wants to come right now. To make things worse, you just got home from work and your house looks like a tornado blew through it. Relax, here are 5 easy things that you can do right now to get your home ready in no time at all.

#1 Create Light

Buyers love homes that have lots of light. Dimly lit homes feel depressing, dirty and small. Therefore, let in the light. It takes just a few minutes to open the blinds or drapes and flood your home with light. Opening the windows also show off your lawn and flowers.

#2 Take out the Garbage

There is nothing more unappealing that garbage cans overflowing with garbage. Therefore, empty all trash cans, even if you keep them in a cabinet out of sight. Bad smells can really turn buyers off and many sellers do not notice smells as they become immune. For this reason, spray garbage cans down with Lysol after you empty them even if you do not think that they smell bad.

#3 Tidy up Bathrooms

No one wants to look at a dirty bathroom. Although you may not have time for a deep cleaning, spray all bathroom surfaces with a disinfecting spray cleaner and wipe down. Squirt your favorite scented toilet bowl cleaner in all toilets and use a toilet bowl brush to clean.

#4 Make the Beds

A neatly made bed will leave a good impression on buyers. Plus, it will make your bedrooms appear larger. Go through all of your bedrooms and make sure that each bed is tidy. While you are in the bedroom, stash clothing or other items laying on the floor in a box under the bed or in a closet.

#5 Clean Your Countertops

Your countertops will appear bigger and more organized when there are fewer things on them. Therefore, remove as many things as possible. Stow items in drawers and cabinets to give the illusion of a nice big kitchen. Wipe down all counter tops with a kitchen cleaner spray.

#6 Take Fido for a Walk

Although you may love Spot, potential buyers may not be dog people or cat people for that matter. Some buyers will not even step foot in the door if there is a pet in the home, especially if they are allergic. So, if possible, take Spot for a walk before buyers stop by. Clean up and eliminate as many signs of your pet as possible. Throw pet toys in a drawer. Stash away the litter box. Vacuum pet hairs from the floor and furniture. Keep a pet odor eliminator on hand for last-minute showings and spray the house.

#7 Don’t Forget About the Outside

In your rush to tidy up the inside of your home, do not forget about the exterior. Pick up any Trash laying on the ground and sweep the sidewalks. If you have garbage bins or other storage containers outside of your home, pull them inside the garage.

#8 Make Yourself Disappear

The final thing to do before the showing is to leave the house. The buyer will not feel comfortable asking the agent questions about your home with you lingering around.


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Five Ways to Eliminate Odors Before a Home Viewing
Posted on Sat, 30 Jul 2016, 11:40:00 AM  in Home selling tips
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A home viewing can take many forms. You may host an open house for agents to let them get an inside look at your home before they bring their clients in for a visit, or you might schedule private viewings for those interested in buying your home. An agent can also schedule an open house that lets dozens of prospective buyers stop by for a visit. Cleaning your home is a great way to prepare the space for those visitors, and there are five good ways you can eliminate any of the odors found in your home.

Use Paint and Sealant

A combination of paint and sealant is one of the best ways to eliminate odors. Though you may not realize it, odors that linger in the air can attach to your walls and floors, especially if you have hardwood floors. Cleaning and using other products will only mask those odors and not eliminate the scents. Sealing your wood floors with a coat of clean sealant traps those odors inside the floors. You can also use paint to trap odors in your walls.

steam-cleanSteam Clean

Thousands of stores across the country let you rent a steam cleaner for a low price. These machines have a reservoir that holds water and a heating element that turns that water into steam. Using one of these cleaners lets you penetrate deep into fabrics, furniture and carpets to remove stains and smells. When you rent one of these machines, sign up for the optional accessories package. This package comes with accessories suitable for cleaning stairs, curtains, heavy drapes, upholstered furniture and other parts of your home.

Air Out the House

Many people worry about eliminating odors so much that they buy and use dozens of products. Those products give their homes a chemical scent that many dislike. An easier way to remove odors is with a simple airing out of your home. The next time that the sun is out and the temperature is up, open all the windows in your house. This creates a cross breeze that cools down your house, and as the breeze moves through each room, it carries some of the odors out with it. You'll notice a big difference after just a few short hours.

Choose Deodorizers

Most of the products that you find in stores will mask odors without actually removing those scents. Deodorizers actually do a good job of changing the way the air smells. One of the cheapest products you can use is old-fashioned baking soda. Sprinkle the baking soda on your carpets and furniture, let sit for at least 30 minutes and then vacuum away the residue. You can use deodorizers with neutralizers too. Neutralizers plug into electrical outlets and pull in the surrounding air. That air goes through several different filters that pull out odors and debris before releasing fresh and clean air back inside your home.

Opt for Vinegar

As amazing as baking soda is at eliminating odors, vinegar is just as amazing. Distilled white vinegar and apple cider vinegar are both great choices for cleaning your home. You can use the liquid in your shower, on your sinks, along the baseboards and even on walls and counters. It is generally safe to use on most surfaces, but you may want to use it on a smaller area first to see how it reacts. The vinegar neutralizes odors before slowly dissipating in the air. To remove odors before an open house, opt for remedies like steam cleaning, airing out your home and painting walls.

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Removing Pet Odors Before Listing Your Home
Posted on Mon, 22 Feb 2016, 09:40:00 AM  in Home selling tips,  Marketing strategies,  My services
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There is a real scientific condition called nose blindness. This refers to the way in which your nose adjusts to the scents and odors in your home. When you first bring home a new pet, you might smell those accidents before you see them. Once you get more comfortable and adjusted around your pets, you stop noticing those accidents. The first thing that buyers will notice when attending an open house is the scent that you no longer smell. If you have any type of pet in your home, you must make sure that you remove the odors left behind by those animals.

Use a Natural Solution
Natural solutions are a great way to get rid of pet odors trapped in your carpet. Apply a thin coating of baking soda to the floors, let the soda sit for 20 to 30 minutes and vacuum away the residue. You can then sprinkle a small amount of vinegar on the floor. Try pouring it into a spray bottle and spraying the vinegar right on the carpet. Sprinkle more baking soda over the top, apply more vinegar and scrub until thoroughly saturated. Once the mixture dries, vacuum away the remaining powder. 

Steam Clean the Floors
If using the natural remedy doesn't work in your home, steam clean the floors. Many stores now rent carpet and rug shampooers, petodorand you can find deodorizing products and scent neutralizers in stores too. These machines produce a large amount of steam that goes deep into your carpets to clean both the carpets and the padding. These machines may even get deep down into the floorboards too. Depending on the number of accidents your pets had and the severity of the odors, you may need to clean your floors two or more times.

Clean Upholstery
If you cleaned multiple times and still notice odors lingering in the air, it's time to take a look at your upholstery. Even if your pet never had an accident on the couch, the fabric can pick up scents from accidents nearby. There is also a chance that your pet carried urine or feces onto the furniture on its paws. Most carpet shampooers and rug cleaners now come with an attachment that you can hook up to the side for cleaning upholstery. You'll also want to thoroughly wash any furniture covers or curtains you have in the room too.

Seal Your Walls
Removing pet odors from your home before an open house may require the sealing of your walls too. The paint and wallpaper on those walls can actually absorb urine and feces scents. This is especially common on walls near your litter box. Sealing the walls essentially traps in those odors to keep the scents from lingering in the air. You can apply a clear coat of sealant in the same way you would paint, and the sealant can go right over most forms of wallpaper too.

Remove Carpet
After using all these methods, there is still a chance that your home might smell like your pets and their accidents. This often occurs because the urine sank down through the carpet and into the floorboards. Many pet owners find that this happens when their pets continually go to the bathroom in the same spot. The only way you can eliminate those odors is with a complete replacement. You will need to tear up the carpeting, clean or seal the floorboards and install new carpeting on top of the floor. Removing pet odors makes your home smell fresh again and will keep buyers from turning up their noses at your house.


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