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Top Tips for Staging Your Home
Posted on Mon, 20 Nov 2017, 04:05:00 PM  in Home selling tips

One of the most important parts of selling your property and finding the right buyer is to stage your home. Staging a property is a necessary step that can increase the appeal of the setting and will enhance the features that are available. When you're ready to begin the process, there are a few important steps to follow.


Remove Clutter

Many sellers make the mistake of leaving clutter out that is present in their home, which can be an eyesore and will detract from the quality of the property. Remove stacks of papers in a home office or photos that are displayed on the refrigerator. You'll also need to remove excess toys in children's rooms or piles of boxes that are taking up too much space in the garage.

Consider renting a storage unit for a place to store your personal belongings, which will also free up extra space in the home. Removing the items will also make the interior setting appear larger and more spacious.

Make it a point to empty out your closets to ensure that it's only half-full, which will make buyers believe that there's an abundance of storage space available.


Use New LinensTop Tips for Staging Your Home

The linens that are used in the bathrooms and kitchen should appear new and contribute to the appeal of the setting. Dirty or old rags and curtains can date the property and allow it to look neglected. Opt for using fresh, new towels in the bathrooms and use a new hand towel in the kitchen.


Rent Patio Furniture

The outdoor property is just as important as the interior setting, making it necessary to rent patio furniture that complements the outdoor environment. Create a seating area on the back patio and add decorative water elements, which will cause potential buyers to envision themselves entertaining guests outside. Consider grouping chairs around a fire pit and adding string lights, which will allow the property to appear more welcoming and appealing.


Perform Upgrades

Upgrade the materials inside of the home to allow the property to appear newer and maintained. Consider painting the cabinets or adding new appliances to give the kitchen a makeover and allow it to stand out in the setting. You'll also want to add new hardware to cabinets throughout the home and install new lighting, which will work as one of the main focal points.

Repairs should also be made to ensure that buyers aren't turned off by leaky faucets or by broken door handles that may be present. The home should be ready to move into without requiring any fixes.


Deep Clean the Home

Deep cleaning the home is necessary to make it shine and tidy up areas that have been neglected. You'll need to dust overhead ceiling fans and clean the grout on tiles. Consider power washing the driveway and removing oil stains that may be present. You can also hire a professional to clean the chimney and carpets. Buyers are prone to inspecting every inch of the property when they take a tour, which is why each area should be deep cleaned and in good condition.


Rearrange the Furniture

Rearrange the furniture to enhance the flow of each room and make it easier to walk throughout the house. Remove rugs that may be easy to trip over or items that are in the middle of walkways. You may need to put a few furniture pieces in the garage or a storage unit to create more space and enhance the size of the interior setting.

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Tips to Selling Your Home Quickly
Posted on Sat, 30 Sep 2017, 12:15:00 PM  in Home selling tips
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Most people want to sell their home quickly once they list it on the market to ensure that it maintains its value and doesn't lose its appeal. Although the quality and appeal of the setting influences how much attention it attracts, other factors determine how quickly you get an offer. If you want to find the right buyer in a short amount of time, there are a few important steps to take.


Price it Right

One of the most important steps to take is to price the home right to avoid turning off buyers. If it's priced too high, buyers will assume that you aren't willing to negotiate or that you're not serious about selling. Work with a real estate agent to evaluate the selling price of local homes that are similar to your own to determine sell your home quicklya realistic price. Leave extra room for negotiating to ensure that you get what you want for it.


Work on the Curb Appeal

Buyers aren't likely to visit homes that have an ugly exterior, making it necessary to make it look attractive to ensure that it stands out on the block and sets the expectations of those who pull up to the house. Add flower boxes on each window, which will make it look charming and inviting. Potted plants on the front porch will also add a cozy touch that is contemporary. Consider installing a fence, new address numbers, and a mailbox that looks updated. An arbor where vines can grow up will also look beautiful and will make the home stand out on the market.


Clean and Declutter

Your house should look like a model home when buyers walk in, which will allow them to envision living on the property without being reminded that you currently reside in the building. Clean and declutter the setting by removing religious items that are displayed on the walls or poster that are hung in a teen's room. Family photos should be tucked away, and art drawings that are posted on the fridge will need to be removed.


Consider hiring a deep cleaning service to wipe down the baseboards, scrub the grout, and clean the blades on ceiling fans to ensure that each area is covered.


Stage the House

Staging the home is necessary to show off how beautiful it can look with the right furniture pieces and decor used. Use neutral furniture and artwork on the walls and consider using furniture covers if the items are outdated or old. Use area rugs to dress up bare floors and stage empty rooms or closets. Consider putting fresh towels and linens out and place a plate of cookies on the dining table.


Upgrade the Home

Minor upgrades are needed to increase the appeal of the home, making it necessary to install new appliances and add hardware throughout the space. Paint the walls a neutral color shade and add new lighting in each room with the sconces and chandeliers that are installed. You can also install new sinks, faucets, and toilets to make the interior setting appear newer and more comfortable.


Use Quality Photos

One of the best ways to make your home stand out with the ad that you use is by using quality photos. Hire a professional photographer to take pictures of the property and edit the photos with software that they use. Allow plenty of natural light into the home and turn on interior lights to create an uplifting and bright setting that looks warm.

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Elevated Decking
Posted on Sun, 20 Aug 2017, 02:20:00 PM  in Home selling tips
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Add an Elevated Deck to Your Home to Increase Your Resale Value

Are you looking for a great way to add resale value to your home? If you live in the scenic West of Canada, you might consider adding an elevated deck to your property. This will give your prospective home buyer an added incentive to purchase your home. Who can resist the comfort and convenience that comes with having an elevated deck from which to view the majestic ocean view of the great Canadian Pacific coast? This is one feature that is sure to bring customers knocking on your door once they discover you have added it to your home. It's a perk that few others can match.


No Matter Where You Live in Canada, an Elevated Deck Is a Great Idea

Of course, not everyone lives on the West Coast of Canada. If you are a lifelong Toronto native, you can still get a great deal of value out of adding an elevated deck Elevated Deckingto your property. For a price that you can easily afford you can hire a local crew to add this important element to your property. Once installed, it will give excellent views of your property and the local scenery. No matter where you may live in Canada, you are sure to be able to attract potential home buyers to your property just by offering them this excellent additional feature for their comfort and convenience.


Adding an Elevated Deck to Your Property Is More Important Than Ever

There had been a massive surge of home development all throughout the nation. This surge has seen a great deal of new homes being built over the course of the past few years. As a result, property values have increased. To some degree, this has made the average home buyer a bit more wary and even discriminatory. They aren't going to settle for half of what they want since it's very likely that, if they keep searching, they will very likely be able to find exactly what they want in some other location. This means that your best bet is to give the buyer a little extra for their money.


You Don't Have to Break Your Bank to Add Value to Your Home

You may be worried that adding an elevated deck or any other new feature to your home may cost you more than it's worth. After all, there isn't much point in spending a ton of cash to increase your home value if the expenditure is more than the profit can guarantee. However, you should know that along with the increase in development has come a corresponding increase in home additions. There are tons of local contractors all throughout Canada who are competing to get your business. This means that now is the time to take advantage of competitive pricing in order to add value to your home.


The Time to Deck out Your Property with Extra Value Is Now

When all is said and done, there is no time like the present to deck out your home with an addition that will bring a welcome increase in its resale value. If you know how to deal with contractors, you can easily make an addition to your home and advertise it as a major selling point. It's an excellent idea to contact your local real estate agent for valuable advice and counsel in this matter. If you really want to walk away from your property with a sizable gain in your bank account, adding an elevated deck to your home will accomplish this purpose in spades.

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5 Of The Most Practical Touches You Can Add To The House You Are Putting Up For Sale
Posted on Sun, 30 Apr 2017, 01:00:00 PM  in Home selling tips
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If you are looking at having to sell your incredible Canadian home for another, then you may be wondering what you can do to help with the sale of the house. Maybe you have a need to move quickly. Maybe you are just excited for the next stage in your life. Maybe you need the money from this sale to buy the next house that you will move into. Whatever the case may be, you certainly want to do what you can to ensure that your home sells in a timely manner and with as few hitches as possible.

Here are 5 of the most practical touches you can add to your house before you put it up for sale:

 5 Of The Most Practical Touches You Can Add To The House You Are Putting Up For Sale

Paint The Bathroom

If you paint nothing else in your home, paint the bathroom. It is imperative that the bathroom in your home look and smell as clean and fresh as possible. This is the one room in your house that you do not want your potential buyers to think is lived in. Think of painting your bathroom with light pale colors that prove that your bathroom is clean.


Leave Fresh Baked Goods On The Counter

If you are simply opening up your home for potential buyers to view, then make sure that you have freshly baked something delicious before the potential buyers walk through the doors. Leave a tray of cookies, brownies, or cupcakes on the counter and let your sales representative and potential buyers know that they are welcome to those goodies. They may not choose to take them, but the smell will be something that they cannot resist. They will be able to smell themselves baking in that kitchen.


Stage The Yard

Do you have a beautiful front yard, back yard, and/or patio? Then play these places up. Set out a table with a few chairs, potted plants, and charming yard ornaments. Make sure that your flower gardens are all weeded and the flowers are all pruned. Sweep up loose leaves and cut the grass. If you already have landscaping in the yard, then make sure that it is clean and easily traveled. You want your potential buyers to see themselves working in the garden, sitting out on nice warm days, and taking a leisurely stroll through the yard to release stress.


Make Sure The House Is Clean And Staged

If nothing else, make sure that you have cleaned the house to the maximum amount possible if you and your family are still living there. This is the one time in your life where you will want to shove all of the miscellaneous items into your closets and hope that they don’t pop open. If you cannot afford to hire a professional to come in and stage your house, then do research and stage the house yourself. This could be as simple as shampooing the carpets, making the beds, and placing a clean set of dishes on the table. Try your best to hide every cord, every shoe, and all clothing. You want your potential buyers to feel as though they have walked into a department store.


Place A Potted Plant Inside The Front Entrance Way

You can place this potted plant inside of the house in the front entrance way or outside of the house on the porch in the front entrance way. Either way, you want your house to feel in-tune with nature while still maintaining a clean and contemporary look.

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Top Trends with Home Design
Posted on Fri, 20 Jan 2017, 03:30:00 PM  in Home selling tips
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There are a number of different trends that are currently popular and can make it easier to sell your home once you're ready to list it. It's important to update the property every few years to ensure that it looks contemporary and has more appeal with the colors and materials that are used. When you're ready to remodel or make minor upgrades, there are a few trends to incorporate into the setting.

 Top Trends with Home Design

Navy Blue Interiors

Navy blue is a cozy and sleek color shade that can allow the home to look classic when it's used on the right areas of the property. Many homeowners are painting their kitchen cabinets navy or are opting for navy shutters that add a pop of color to the exterior of the building. Gold and brass pulls and handles can complement the bold color shade and will add extra contrast that is stunning in kitchens or bathrooms. The moody blue can also create a cozy den that allows the home to have a fresh vibe that is more interesting than beige walls.


Wood Tile

Although white subway tiles were a popular choice for homeowners who remodeled their homes in 2016, wood tile is an up and coming look that is considered to be rustic for those who want a farmhouse style in their home. The cozy addition adds extra texture to bedrooms or the living room and will allow the home to look professionally designed.


Formal Dining Rooms

More people are building formal dining rooms in their home as they attempt to disconnect from TV and technology as they eat dinner each night. Formal dining rooms invite residents to sit down for family meals and can be incredibly stylish. When decorating the room, opt for installing a dramatic chandelier that works as the main focal point of the space above the dining table. Use wingback chairs that are statement pieces and consider adding an oriental rug that increases the formality of the table and chairs. You can even add a hutch that displays your fine China and fills in bare areas of the room.


Heated Floors

Heated floors were first introduced in recent years and are now become more common for those who want to increase the level of comfort that is available on the property. Heated floors are commonly installed in bathrooms for those who want to enjoy walking barefoot and feeling toasty during the cold months of the year. The heated floors are now becoming more common in kitchens and can reduce the energy usage on the property by relying less on a heater.


Black Appliances

Stainless steel is considered to be outdated in the coming year with home design trends with black appliances in demand. Black stainless steel looks luxurious and sleek for those who want to makeover their kitchen and allow it to look modern.


Granny Florals

Instead of adding paint to the walls, opt for applying wallpaper that takes the style of the home up a notch and incorporates a fun print or pattern into the room. Granny florals are a popular option and are ideal for small bathrooms or guest bedrooms when you want an uplifting addition that is cheery.


Marble Details

Homes are now featuring more marble details, which have recently replaced granite that was popular in the last decade. Marble can be used on the countertops in a guest bathroom or with a clock that is on display in a home office to create a luxe environment that looks chic.

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Selling a Real Estate Property in Canada
Posted on Tue, 20 Dec 2016, 09:35:00 AM  in Home selling tips

There is no doubt to the fact that real estate investing is one of the most lucrative businesses that are there. This is because as time goes by, the cost of property seems to be appreciating. Also, the demand for housing has never been met by the supply, something that makes the market for housing always need more. If you are a homeowner in the country, and are thinking about selling, there are some tips that have been proven to help some people make a fast sale. Below are the ones you can try and follow.Selling a Real Estate Property in Canada

Get the property valued beforehand

Before you put a price tag on the property, it is recommended that you try and find out if it is the right time to sell. Generally, selling property is recommended during the time when the market is bullish. This is when you are likely to get great buyers and make a sensible profit margin. Of course this is a rule that will only apply if you aren’t in any hurry to sell. If there are other factors that are pushing you to market the house, such as the need to move to a new place, an imminent foreclosure and other issues, you will still need an estimate of the market value of the house to help you understand where you can put your expectations.

The asking price

The other error that property sellers make and one that keeps the house in the market for longer than they could have expected, is making the asking price too high above what is recommended. It would be great to have a buyer that will not know exactly how much they should pay for a property giving a little more than they should, but in most cases, overpricing the property works against you. Work with your valuer and real estate agent to come up with the figure that will encourage the prospective buyers to make offers.

The advertisements

The other important consideration to make is where you will put up the advertisements for the property. The best options include the local dailies, social media pages that are linked to the locality you are targeting and also the yellow pages. This is what will create visibility for the property. It is important to remember that word of mouth still is the most effective tool in advertising so make good use of it.

The staging

After the advertisements, people will start coming in to see your property. You will need to present it in a manner that makes it as appealing to them as possible. Some tips that could help here include:

  • Make sure that the house has been cleaned, repainted and refurbished from the curb to the backyard.
  • Remove all personal items such as framed photos and other personal belongings from the open spaces. People will have a hard time picturing themselves in your home if it is full of your personal items.
  • Create a homely and welcoming atmosphere by doing some baking or other activity that creates a good aroma in the house.
  • Open all natural light sources and make sure all the clutter has been removed. Houses that look too cozy tend to drive buyers away.

These are just a few tips that will assist you in making your sale. Above all, learn the importance of patience. When one buyer makes an offer, wait and see if other people will show an interest in buying the house at a better price. On the other hand, do not wait till the buyer starts feeling like they are being ignored or finds out that you are having a hard time getting other people interested a this could ruin your sale.

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How to Increase Your Home's Curb Appeal
Monday, 31 October 2016, 12:00:00 AM
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When you're getting ready to list your home, the curb appeal of the property will determine how many people are attracted to the residence. Although you may have a stunning interior setting, buyers will likely ignore your ad if your house is in poor condition and is an eyesore in the neighborhood. To increase your curb appeal in a few steps, there are several tips to follow to transform the building and even increase the property value.

Paint the Exterior

Many homes can begin to look outdated when the paint on the building has faded or looks outdated with the color shade that is used. Paint the exterior of your home with a fresh coat to ensure that it looks newer and blends in well with the rest of the neighborhood. Avoid using bold colors that can turn off potential buyers and stick to neutral shades that are contemporary and modern. You can even paint your front door with a pop of color to allow it to stand out and become the main focal point of the home. Consider using the same color on the front door and trim of the home.

How to Increase Your Homes Curb AppealAdd a Water Feature

Install a water feature on your property to create a serene and relaxing feature that adds extra dimension to the yard. A water fountain or a pond will attract birds and insects to the yard while also adding extra detail to the space. You can also add koi fish to a pond that is built to create a lively environment that feels lush and inviting to visitors.

Install a New Mailbox

The mailbox is an important feature that is one of the first details that are viewed by potential buyers who visit the home. Install a new mailbox that is durable and stands out from the street. Consider purchasing a box that has your address numbers on it and is easy to read. You can also build a mailbox post out of bricks to match the style of your building with a high-end feature that adds extra appeal to the yard and will last for several years. Avoid adding personalized details to the mailbox, which can include a unique drawing or your last name.

Add Flowers

You'll want your front yard to appear lush and well-maintained to ensure that it looks attractive. Add flowers for extra color that brightens up the setting. Consider grouping the plants by type and color to make it look organized. You can also use a mixture of flowers in potted plants that can be placed on the front porch to make the home look inviting.

Clean the Exterior

It's important to clean the exterior of your building to allow it to look brighter and newer. Power wash the driveway and sidewalk to clear away leaves, stains, or debris that have accumulated. You'll also want to scrub away oil that is present and consider bleaching the driveway to make it look flawless. It's also important to clean out the gutters and even power wash the siding of the building to remove grime or mud stains.

The windows should also be washed to remove streaks or spots that have accumulated from the rain or snow. This will ensure that there is plenty of visibility to the inside setting.

Clear Away Clutter

Toys, sporting equipment, and landscaping tools can all detract from the appeal of your home and make it appear messy from the outside. Clear away items that remind buyers that the homeowners are still living on the property.

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Decorate Your Home for Autumn
Posted on Sat, 10 Sep 2016, 01:50:00 PM  in Home selling tips
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Decorate Your Home for AutumnWhen you are showing your home to potential buyers in the autumn, it is a good idea to have current decor in several rooms. Anyone shopping for a new home will want to visualize living inside the home. Autumn is an excellent time to sell a home because the weather is cooler, and many individuals want to move into a home before it begins snowing. You can create an attractive exterior ambience for your home by placing gourds and pumpkins on a front porch. It is also a good idea to hang a wreath of colorful autumn leaves on the front door.

Keep Your Home’s Exterior in Good Condition

If you have trees in your yard that are dropping leaves, then don’t allow a lot of the debris to build up on your property because potential buyers do not want to think about raking up the mess. Create curb appeal for your home by making sure to trim the shrubs. When your home has peeling paint on its siding or shutters, paint the items to improve the appearance of the property. In addition, clean the debris from a home’s rain gutters and downspouts to avoid having water dripping down the side of the building when buyers stop by.

Decorate with Pinecones and Colorful Corn

Inside your home, you can decorate with natural items such as the pinecones from your lawn’s trees. Find some wicker baskets to hold an assortment of pinecones that are placed on top of colorful fall leaves. Additional items to place in wicker baskets on end tables or a fireplace mantle include calico corn that has bright-red kernels or miniature pumpkins. If you want to protect the pumpkins and corn from insects, then use clear glass canisters that have lids.

Use Autumn Flowers to Decorate Your Home

Clay flowerpots are a perfect way to display plants in your home in the autumn. Choose chrysanthemums or helenium flowers that have deep orange, bright red or vibrant yellow blooms. You can place large flowerpots outside your home in window boxes along with using smaller flowerpots inside your home on bookshelves. When you shop at a craft store, look for garlands that have artificial flowers to hang over the tops of mirrors. Don’t forget to decorate the upstairs of your home in addition to the downstairs to create an attractive autumn feeling.

Make Fabric Items for Your Home

In addition to using traditional accessories in your home in the autumn, you can decorate with fabric items. Make throw pillows for your living room’s upholstered furniture to create an autumn ambience. Hang a fabric wreath on a wall in a dining room, or place a fabric pumpkin on the middle of a dining room table. You can also make tablecloths or place mats from bright orange or yellow fabric to place on a table. If you still have outdoor furniture in your backyard, then you can use waterproof fabric to make cushions for chairs and chaises.

Create Autumn Fragrance in a Home

You can also have an autumn scent in your home by using candles that have a pumpkin or cinnamon apple fragrance. To keep your home smelling wonderful, use some of your wicker baskets to hold scented potpourri in the bathrooms. If you know that potential buyers are arriving to look at your home, then prepare a simmer pot on a stove that contains nutmeg, orange rinds and cinnamon. The delicious scent from this mixture in your home can help you to sell a home faster.


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Five Ways to Eliminate Odors Before a Home Viewing
Posted on Sat, 30 Jul 2016, 11:40:00 AM  in Home selling tips
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A home viewing can take many forms. You may host an open house for agents to let them get an inside look at your home before they bring their clients in for a visit, or you might schedule private viewings for those interested in buying your home. An agent can also schedule an open house that lets dozens of prospective buyers stop by for a visit. Cleaning your home is a great way to prepare the space for those visitors, and there are five good ways you can eliminate any of the odors found in your home.

Use Paint and Sealant

A combination of paint and sealant is one of the best ways to eliminate odors. Though you may not realize it, odors that linger in the air can attach to your walls and floors, especially if you have hardwood floors. Cleaning and using other products will only mask those odors and not eliminate the scents. Sealing your wood floors with a coat of clean sealant traps those odors inside the floors. You can also use paint to trap odors in your walls.

steam-cleanSteam Clean

Thousands of stores across the country let you rent a steam cleaner for a low price. These machines have a reservoir that holds water and a heating element that turns that water into steam. Using one of these cleaners lets you penetrate deep into fabrics, furniture and carpets to remove stains and smells. When you rent one of these machines, sign up for the optional accessories package. This package comes with accessories suitable for cleaning stairs, curtains, heavy drapes, upholstered furniture and other parts of your home.

Air Out the House

Many people worry about eliminating odors so much that they buy and use dozens of products. Those products give their homes a chemical scent that many dislike. An easier way to remove odors is with a simple airing out of your home. The next time that the sun is out and the temperature is up, open all the windows in your house. This creates a cross breeze that cools down your house, and as the breeze moves through each room, it carries some of the odors out with it. You'll notice a big difference after just a few short hours.

Choose Deodorizers

Most of the products that you find in stores will mask odors without actually removing those scents. Deodorizers actually do a good job of changing the way the air smells. One of the cheapest products you can use is old-fashioned baking soda. Sprinkle the baking soda on your carpets and furniture, let sit for at least 30 minutes and then vacuum away the residue. You can use deodorizers with neutralizers too. Neutralizers plug into electrical outlets and pull in the surrounding air. That air goes through several different filters that pull out odors and debris before releasing fresh and clean air back inside your home.

Opt for Vinegar

As amazing as baking soda is at eliminating odors, vinegar is just as amazing. Distilled white vinegar and apple cider vinegar are both great choices for cleaning your home. You can use the liquid in your shower, on your sinks, along the baseboards and even on walls and counters. It is generally safe to use on most surfaces, but you may want to use it on a smaller area first to see how it reacts. The vinegar neutralizes odors before slowly dissipating in the air. To remove odors before an open house, opt for remedies like steam cleaning, airing out your home and painting walls.

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How to Make Your Home Look Bigger
Monday, 30 May 2016, 11:50:00 AM
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A small home has a more intimate feel and can make guests feel at home. While you might love the small spaces in your home and that intimate feel, it's not likely that prospective buyers will feel the same way. One of the more common things they have on their wish lists is a home that feels light and airy or a home with large and spacious rooms. Those buyers may feel cramped and crowded while walking through your home. While staging each room before an open house, take a look at some easy ways you can make those rooms look bigger.

Give the Appearance of Space
One common reason why a room feels too crowded and looks small is because you have too much furniture in the room. If you keep those pieces pressed against each wall, it tends to make the room look cluttered and cuts down on the amount of available living space. Instead of putting your couch up against the wall, put it in the center of the room and face it towards the television or a piece of artwork. A console or sofa table placed behind it creates a better flow through the room and may make it look bigger too.

Decorate with Similar Colors
Interior decorators and fashion designers often recommend that you mix and match both colors and patterns. Using those bold openpatterns and colors in a smaller room can actually make the space feel even tinier. Choose a lighter color, and use colors that complement each other from the same palette in the room. You might pick up the soft blue pattern on your couch with pillows, throw blankets and even paintings in the same shade. 

Every Item in Place
A room filled with clutter will instantly overwhelm anyone who walks into that room. This is especially true when it comes to smaller rooms. Everything in its place is a rule when decorating a smaller room to make it look bigger. Buyers don't want to see piles of books on the coffee table, blankets tossed in a corner and dozens of family photographs lining the walls. Weed through your belongings to decide which items should stay and which items should go into storage. You may bring in bookshelves or other organizational tools to hide away some of those items too.

Use Lighter Surfaces
Using lighter colors and surfaces is a great way to make a small look larger and more spacious. Lucite is a type of clear plastic material that works well in chair and table designs. A Lucite table placed in the center of your living room will let visitors see through the table, which makes the room feel larger. You'll also want to stick with softer and lighter colors both in your wall color and decor, including shades of sea green or baby blue. Hanging a few mirrors in the room can also add to the spacious feel, especially as the light reflects off those surfaces.

Pull the Eye Up
When you pull the eye up, prospective buyers will look up, which makes it feel like the room is larger. Try painting the ceiling of the room in a different color. A bold shade of lemon yellow on your kitchen's ceiling with make it seem much bigger. When working in your child's bedroom, you might paint a mural on the ceiling or just paint some stars that draw the eye up. You can also use paintings placed higher up on the walls to create the same effect. These tips will make even the smallest of rooms look larger and more impressive.


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